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CDG Creative




Scissors are my paintbrush...


I specialise in photomontage/collage art, hand-crafted from a vast resource library of books accumulated over time. These analog, hand-scissored works vary in size and theme, all with a multitude of cut out pieces to create a new story.


Since my first solo show in 2001, to most recently in 2019 at The Other Art Fair in Sydney, I have been involved in either group or solo exhibitions. Last year included group shows in Berlin and Barcelona after being discovered on Instagram @clintongorst.art. For CUT OUT OF THIS WORLD, a solo show in New Zealand in 2016, I included printed reproductions for the first time, alongside analog collages, and this has sparked the idea of reproducing the images across varied mediums.


I have been fortunate to incorporate my collage style into music sleeve art for iTunes and also physical CDs and packaging, as well as promos/flyers/posters for nightclubs and dance parties, utilising my graphic design background.


Since 2008, as design director for SCOUT, Australia's leading trend forecasting agency, I have been responsible for more than 60 international publications in menswear, womenswear, casualwear (unisex), and lifestyle markets, with full creative rein over these colour and trend books.


Twice a year I also create audiovisual presentations including video edits/films for worldwide trend seminars. Splicing footage based around each trend forecasted, then mixing in it's own soundtrack to complete each video. 


In addition to the printed books, I conceptualized and designed a monthly online e-zine that covered runway, retail, brands, exhibitions etc. This successful e-zine was later designed by my team, and produced over 50 issues.


I have resided in Sydney since 2001, having moved from New Zealand – by way of London and San Francisco.

As an emerging artist, I am excited and focused on creating and exhibiting frequently, so watch this space for details!


Clinton David Gorst

Collage art + Design. 


instagram: @clintongorst.art