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All collages shown are analog (hand-crafted).

Sourced from a vast library of collected books, image selection is based on what works in scale as well as creating a new visual story. The resources are then meticulously hand-scissored and adhered to board. No computers were used at any stage in the original development of these photomontages. However, photographs of the final artworks can then be converted to limited edition prints, postcards or other mediums. 


For my collage style, I have set my own guidelines where any noticable blunt edges are intentionally covered or camouflaged into the new story.

Selected artworks and prints are available for sale,

please email for catalogue of pieces availiable.


2018 The Other Art Fair Sydney. Australian Technology Park

2017 The Other Art Fair Sydney. Australian Technology Park

2017 (group) This Is Sirius. National Trust, Sydney

2017 (group) TigoMigo Gallery. Terrassa, Barcelona

2017 (group) LemoArt Gallery. Berlin, Germany

2016 (solo) Cut Out of this World. CAN - Creative Arts Napier, NZ

2010 (group) The Basement. Circular Quay, Sydney

2009 (group) Berkelouw Books. Newtown, Sydney

2005 (group) Apostrophe’s Gallery. Surry Hills, Sydney

2005 (group) A Night of Deceit. Suzie Q’s. Darlinghurst, Sydney

2005 (solo) Birthday Suit Collection. Cafe Lounge. Surry Hills, Sydney

2003 (group) Gallery Opening. Queer As Flowers. Newtown, Sydney

2002 (group) Outburst. Tap Gallery. Darlinghurst, Sydney

2002 (group) Get Hung. Oxford Hotel. Darlinghurst, Sydney

2000 (group) Pablos Gallery. Wellington, NZ - invited to give workshop tutorials to Pablos artist residents, with a group show as result

2000 (solo) Picture This. Brio Gallery. Wellington NZ

2000 (solo) Cut It Out. Neut Gallery. Newtown, Wellington NZ

This is a small selection of my collage work.

For enquiries on available pieces for sale,

or if you're interested in a digital print please email:

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