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LOGOS + branding

There are two official versions: white stripes on black, or black stripes on white.

Paper clip or motorway inspired, you decide!


Logo and branding for the bespoke retail store in Mullumbimby, NSW.

Working closely with the store owners, the logo was incorporated into a range of branding including shop signage, retail tags, stickers and business cards.

Alex Zabotto-Bentley's creative agency offers a range of projects from installations and events to styling and product design, interior design, shop fitting and marketing campaigns.

Two bespoke projects were offered to me which included off-set printing invitations with fluoro details, and menu design options for the Masterchef showcase held in Circular Quay, of which AZB styled the bespoke event.

AZB Creative


logo used for 80s themed tribute screening of Prince's film Purple Rain