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Sydney-based artist Clinton Gorst started collaging at a young age, when his love of music lead to creating his own bespoke 7” record sleeves of his favourite artists. While in London in the mid-90s, pop culture bible THE FACE magazine was one of his major influences and resource materials for his early collages. This lead to a heightened interest in graphic design, which he studied at design college in Wellington, New Zealand, while simultaneously having his first solo exhibition of collages at Neut Gallery. After graduating in 2001, he relocated to Sydney to focus on his visual career.


Through various solo and group exhibitions, he refined his unique and seamless collage style, perfecting techniques and experimenting in scale, all the while collecting a vast library of vintage books and material resources – essential tools required for analogue collaging.


Blending pop-art and surrealism influences, emerging themes started to form prominently in his highly detailed work, such as architecture – inspired in part, from being born and raised in the Art Deco city of Napier, in New Zealand. While modernist buildings, cities and urbanism permeate his pieces, other subject matter of ancient monuments, mysterious lands, space, technology and beyond, combine to form compelling narratives, and new alternate worlds.


It was this retro-futuristic vision of space and science, that lead to his significant involvement in Future, his first regional gallery showing, at Casula Powerhouse in 2019.






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